Thursday, 31 March 2011

Just a quick note... say that I had an ok day today.

Mum came to see me after going to a coffee morning with other mums from near home.  She said the mums were very friendly and welcoming and that the babies were all very big so I have some catching up to do but they were all 4 months old.  I am still only 36 weeks old. 

I had cuddles with Mum which were lovely and I managed my feeds without too much oxygen.  I did have a desat to 15% and slow my heart rate down to 40 and Mum had to ask for help from a doctor and then a nurse to increase the amount of oxygen I got whilst she jiggled me back to normal numbers and a better shade of pink. 

New day, new outfit.  Thank you Auntie Jean

I am now on a positive cocktail of medications.  I've got my reflux meds (all 3 of them), the extra sodium I get in my milk and now I'm getting 2 diuretics to help clear water off my lungs and help my breathing.  This has got M+D a bit twitched as I seem to be requiring more not less help with my lungs and my reflux.  I am trying to get bigger and stronger so I hopefully won't need too much help for too much longer.  My weight today was a devilish 2.666kg so still on the increase.

All in all a stable day.  Let's see how Thursday treats us.


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