Sunday, 16 October 2011

New friends

This week has been a big change for me and M+D.  I started Nursery!

Well, actually I've been settling in ready for the real start next week.  I guess you could call it weaning Mum off me too.  Throughout the week, I have spent longer and longer there whilst Mum enjoyed her new Arthur-less time getting a pedicure and a haircut.  I took it all in my stride and slept and ate well whilst there.  I met new babies, most of whom are bigger than me and crawling and standing.  I'm taking note and will do all these things in my own time.  Mum did well too and didn't cry.  She said it felt quite strange being without me or the buggy but I'm pleased she coped so well.

On Thursday I went swimming at the local pool with George and Olive.  Our Mums encouraged us round the pool negotiating the other babies and their Mums and we did some of the skills we had learned at the lessons so we went underwater and splashed and swished.  I was quite tired after Nursery and the swimming pool was lovely and warm so I fell asleep mid-swim!

Friday was another busy day.  Granny W came down to London and we went shopping at Stratford Westfield.  It seemed very big but nice and spread out with shops that Mum likes - ie John Lewis and Waitrose and Apple!  Granny W and Mum had pizza for lunch and didn't give me any.  Humph.  I stared at Mum whilst she ate and eventually she gave in and gave me one of my 'naked Wotsits' to nibble on.  I still haven't got any teeth so I gummed at it and made it soggy, and since it clearly wasn't pizza; I spread it all over my face and top.

Stop interrupting my dinner!

Saturday was a BIG DAY.  I had a Celebration at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Chapel.  I suppose it was a second baptism but you can't have two apparently so it was called a Celebration instead.  Lots of family and friends came to join in the fun including one of my neighbours from Chelsea who had also escaped home with his parents.  The lovely Chaplain did a brilliant job which was helped by my cousin crawling round her legs and me shouting encouragement.

Lots of friends and family came to help me celebrate

After the service was all trooped over to the 'Henry Root' where M+D had ordered enough canapes and cake to sink a hospital. They looked scrummy to me as they passed me by.  I was getting hugs off absolutely everyone which was super but not one of them gave me any champagne. Double humph.

I was given some lovely presents including my first bible. I got three christening cups, one of which was first given to my great-grandfather by my great-great-grandfather (called ARTHUR!) and has all of our initials and dates of birth engraved on it. I felt very special indeed.

Granny W saying hello

Dad gave a little thank you speech which he ended by saying he hoped this was the last time Mum and Dad thought of me as special and basically I'm just a normal little boy now. Apparently that's the best news either of them could have had. They got a bit teary.

And today I met up with Granddad P and Nanna and we all went for a pub lunch. Granddad P wouldn't share his beer or fish pie so I had to settle for milk and butternut squash and pasta stars. What is it with people not sharing their food with me!  Again I got lots of yummy cuddles. I do like cuddles!

Love to all,

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